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Inside the Soul Nebula

The whole nebulous region of Cassiopeia within the Heart Nebula, Soul Nebula and the Fishhead nebula is really stunning to capture, especially at higher focal length to get all those details in the structure. Like the previous 2 captures, this is a region of star formation and it's very active ... well.. at the time that the photons left this region 7,500 years ago.

Centered in the shot are the most prominent grand structures of the Soul Nebula, a very active region in which you can spot brand new stars within the clouds of dust and gas. The left side features some stunning wind-swept (literally) pillars from new stars.. and the right side shows some really interesting formations in which stars are still embedded in the clouds. The darker formations on the right side are in the foreground.. and are backlit by the radiation on the other side.

I shot this for a total of 20.5 hours, with the vast majority in Ha (Hydrogen-alpha) filter. More specs below:

Skywatcher Esprit 120ED Super APO Triplet ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool Orion Atlas EQ-G Guiding telescopes: Orion ST80 Guiding cameras :ZWO ASI224MC Software: Adobe Photoshop 2020 , PixInsight 1.8 , DeepSkyStacker (DSS) Deek Sky Stacker 4.2.0, Starnet++ Chroma SHO 1.25" mounted filters Sesto Senso 2 Electronic Focuser

Chroma HA 3nm - 200x300s Chroma OIII 3nm - 27x250s Chroma SII 3nm - 27x250s

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