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The Wizard has appeared

Skywatcher Esprit 120ED Super APO Triplet ZWO ASI1600mm-Cool

Chroma HA 3nm - 380x300 Chroma OIII 3nm - 39x300 Chroma SII 3nm - 40x300

Total exposure time: 38.25 hours

After month of wildfire smoke, it's back to imaging. I started imaging the Wizard nebula before the smoke intervened and already had a lot of Ha (Hydrogen filter) exposure. When the smoke finally went away, of course the moon was out and full.. which meant more Ha exposures. I ended up with a whopping 380x300s exposures with the Ha filter which made the main luminance of this image very clean. This is one of my favorite captures. The Wizard Nebula looks very dynamic and looks like it's in motion. It's a stunning composition with the Hubble palette of colors, with the Oxygen (blues) flowing out away from the nebula.

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